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Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Boards' Procedures Manual


February 2019

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Safeguarding Children Who May be Victims of Modern Slavery (have been Trafficked)

This guidance has been updated to reflect the introduction of the Independent Child Trafficking Service and provision of Independent Child Trafficking Advocates across the East Midlands. Now, once safeguarding processes have been initiated, the Police or Children's Social Care must firstly refer the child to the National Counter Trafficking Service, Independent Child Trafficking Service (ICTS) for Independent Child Trafficking Advocacy. See Section 4, National Referral Mechanism and Duty to Notify for full details.

January 2019

Updated Chapters
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Introduction to these Procedures

Section 2, Child Centred Approach to Safeguardinghas been updated to reinforce the importance of keeping the child in focus when making decisions about their life. Additional information has also been added on the types of neglect, abuse or exploitation which young people can experience –both from within their family and from individuals they come across in their day-to-day lives.

Making a Referral to Social Care

Section 1, Contacting Children's Social Care has been updated to include details of the Derbyshire Starting Point Consultation and Advice Service for Professionals and the Derby Children's Services Professional Consultation Line. Information on the process to be followed when making a referral on a recently closed case was also updated.

Links have also been added to the following recently published guidance documents:

  • Derbyshire and Derby City Practice Guidance on Bruising in Babies; and
  • Children and Guidance on Managing Babies with Suspected Birth Marks, including Mongolian Blue Spots.

Child Protection Section 47 Enquiries

The Derby City and Southern Derbyshire; Local Guidance on Medical Examinations in Cases of Suspected Child Abuse and Guidance on Arranging a Child Protection Medical at Chesterfield Royal Hospital – which are linked from Section 9, Paediatric Assessments – have been reviewed and updated locally. The documents sets out the procedure to be followed when requesting a child protection medical for cases of suspected physical abuse or neglect.

In addition the following information was added into Section 9, Paediatric Assessments to reflect current practice in Derby and Derbyshire:

  • All medical examinations for children who may have been sexually abused now all take place at the East Midlands Children and Young People's Sexual Assault Service (EMCYPSAS) based at Queens Medical Centre Nottingham;
  • If a child has been seen by a Paediatrician with the relevant competencies, and an appropriate assessment undertaken, the child does not necessarily require a formal child protection medical in the presence of a Social Worker. In circumstances where this may happen it is of utmost importance that a referral to Childrens Social Care is made without delay and information is shared between agencies at the earliest opportunity, this would usually be via a strategy discussion/meeting. A report of appropriate standard must be produced by the Paediatrician.

Safeguarding Children and Young people against Radicalisation and Violent Extremism

This guidance has been reviewed throughout and extensively updated to emphasise the importance of intervening early whenever there are concerns that a child or young person is being radicalised, and ensuring that they are offered support via safeguarding services, rather than being criminalised. Links to useful resources for practitioners (including e learning) and relevant Government guidance has also been added.

Local Contacts

Local contact information has been reviewed and updated as required.

New Chapters and Features
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Deprivation of Liberty (DoL)

This section links to a new online resource which is designed to help practitioners understand when a Deprivation of Liberty may be occurring, and how this can be authorised.

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