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Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Boards' Procedures Manual


July 2019

Updated Chapters
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Children who Present a Risk of Harm to Others

This guidance has been reviewed throughout to reflect recent Department for Education publications on sexual violence and sexual harassment in schools and colleges and ‘sexting’. Section 1, Introduction has been updated to include information on Peer on Peer Abuse and Section 3, Responding to Concerns, including Referral to Children’s Social Care has been revised to include additional guidance to help practitioners when considering the most appropriate course of action when they have concerns about a child who is believed to have harmed another child.

Online Safety and Internet Abuse

The Related Information Section has been updated to include links to a range of useful documents / online resources including overarching guidance for practitioners on the subject, specific advice on reporting harmful content, as well as sources of advice and information for practitioners to use when supporting children / young people and their families and perpetrators.

Section 4, Online Extremism, Radicalisation and Gang Related Crime and/or Violence has been revised to include information on the ways in which social media can be used as a catalyst and trigger for serious youth violence.

Domestic Abuse

This guidance has been reviewed and updated throughout. Section 1, Introduction has been updated to include the revised definition of domestic abuse contained in the proposed Domestic Abuse Bill and to fully reference the offence of controlling or coercive behaviour in intimate or familial relationships and the types of behaviours which this involves.  

The introduction has also been strengthened to make clear that domestic abuse is complex, it does not only occur between couples. It can also involve wider family members, including parental abuse by an adolescent or grown child. It can exist between older siblings, or the wider extended family in elder or honour-based abuse.

A section on abuse between young people (16 and 17 years) has also been added into the Introduction.

Safeguarding Children Who May be Victims of Modern Slavery (have been Trafficked)

The Related Guidance section has been updated to include links to the following:

  • Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner
  • The Slavery and Trafficking Survivor Care Standards
  • Modern Slavery Training: Resource Page
  • Royal College of Nursing Modern Slavery – Professional resources.

The main body of the procedure has also been updated as required to reinforce the serious and damaging impact of modern slavery on children and young people and the importance of a prompt safeguarding response from practitioners who have any concerns.

Local Contacts

Local contact information has been reviewed and updated as required.

Next update: January 2020


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