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Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Boards’ Procedures Manual


January 2017

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Introduction to these Procedures

  1. Assessing and Providing Help
  2. Children's Workforce
  3. DSCB and Organisational Responsibilities
  4. Learning and Improvement
  5. Guidance Documents
  6. Appendices

1. Assessing and Providing Help

1.1 Providing Early Help Updated
1.2 Making a Referral to Social Care  
1.3 Child Protection Section 47 Enquiries  
1.4 Child Protection Conferences Updated
1.5 Implementation of Child Protection Plans  



Children in Specific Circumstances

1.6.1 Children who Present a Risk of Harm to Others  
1.6.2 Abuse of Disabled Children  
1.6.3 Child Abuse linked to Belief in Possession or Witchcraft - under review  
1.6.4 E-Safety and Internet Abuse Updated
1.6.5 Adults who Disclose Non Recent Abuse Updated
1.6.6 Children and Families living in Temporary Accommodation  
1.6.7 Derby and Derbyshire Runaway or Missing from Home or Care Protocol  
1.6.8 Working with Sexually Active Children and Young People Under the Age of 18  
1.6.9 Children in Whom Illness is Fabricated or Induced (FII)  
1.6.10 Children Living Away from Home  
1.6.11 Children Abused Through Sexual Exploitation - under review  
1.6.12 Children Whose Behaviour Indicates a Lack of Parental Control  
1.6.13 Domestic Violence or Abuse  
1.6.14 Safeguarding Children at Risk of Abuse Through Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) - under review  
1.6.15 Forced Marriage  
1.6.16 Investigating Complex (Organised or Multiple) Abuse  
1.6.17 Managing Individuals who Pose a Risk of Harm to Children  
1.6.18 Working with Parents who are Misusing Substances  
1.6.19 Working with Learning Disabled Parents  
1.6.20 Working with Parents Who Have Mental Health Needs  
1.6.21 Safeguarding Children Who May be Victims of Modern Slavery (have been Trafficked) Updated
1.6.22 Safeguarding Children and Young people against Radicalisation and Violent Extremism  

2. Children's Workforce

2.1 Recruitment and Selection  
2.2 Allegations Against Staff, Carers and Volunteers Updated

3. DSCB and Organisational Responsibilities

3.1 The Legal Framework  
3.2 Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Boards (DSCBs) Roles and Functions  
3.3 Organisational Roles and Responsibilities  

4. Learning and Improvement

4.1 Learning and Improvement Framework  
4.2 Serious Case Reviews Updated
4.3 Child Death Reviews  

5. Guidance Documents

5.1 Derby City and Derbyshire Thresholds Document  
5.2 Derby and Derbyshire Escalation Policy and Process  
5.3 Multi-Agency Guidance on Home Visits - under review 
5.4 Self-Harm Practice Guidance  
5.5 Guidance to Support Safe Sleeping Practices in Babies and Infants  
5.6 Prevention of Non-Accidental Head Injury in Infancy Guidance  
5.7 Death of, or Serious Injury to, a Child  
5.8 Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Boards' Information Sharing Agreement and Guidance for Practitioners  
5.9 Safeguarding Children from Dangerous Dogs Guidance  

6. Appendices

6.1 Local Contacts Updated
6.2 Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015  
6.3 What to do if you're worried a child is being abused - Advice for Practitioners (2015)  
6.4 Information Sharing: Advice for Practitioners Providing Safeguarding Services to Children, Young People, Parents and Carers (Department for Education, 2015)  
6.5 NICE Guidance - When to Suspect Child Maltreatment  
6.6 GMC Guidance - Protecting Children and Young People: The Responsibilities of all Doctors  
6.7 Local Keywords  
6.8 Amendments