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Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Boards' Procedures Manual


January 2018

Updated Chapters
Chapter Name Details

Children who Present a Risk of Harm to Others - reviewed

This guidance has been reviewed throughout to ensure it continues to reflect best practice in working with children who present a risk of harm to others.

Working with Sexually Active Children and Young People Under the Age of 18

This guidance has been reviewed and updated throughout. The accompanying flowchart (which provides a visual summary of best practice for working with sexually active young people) has also been updated.

Children in Whom Illness is Fabricated or Induced (FII)

This chapter has been reviewed and updated throughout. A flowchart which illustrates the principles which should be followed when managing cases of suspected FII has been added in the Appendix. The revised chapter should be read in full.

Working with Learning Disabled Parents

This guidance has been reviewed and updated throughout. Additional detail was added into Section 4, Adults at Risk (as a reminder that parents with a learning disability may be vulnerable to abuse or exploitation, which can be heightened by their perception of scrutiny by services in relation to their child/ren. Children’s Services involvement may at times make it feel harder for parents to speak out about abuse for fear of how this might be interpreted by practitioners working with them.

Local Contacts

Contact information for key local organisations has been reviewed and updated as required.

Next update: July 2018


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