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Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Boards' Procedures Manual


November 2018

Updated Chapters
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Allegations Against Staff, Carers and Volunteers

This guidance has been reviewed locally and the following points of clarification added:

  • In Derby, The LADO will record who will complete the actions, the timescale for completion and date the outcome of all actions will be fed back to the LADO. It is the LADO’s responsibility to follow up any outstanding actions and record clearly in the case record (See Section 2.1 Initial Considerations);
  • It is important for the employer to write clearly in the personnel file  the rationale for any decisions taken in respect of the employee (See Section 2.1 Initial Considerations);
  • If the employee changes job whilst the LADO investigation is ongoing, the employer must make the employee aware that it is their responsibility to inform the prospective new employer of the unresolved LADO complaint. Failure to do this may result in an offer of employment being withdrawn (See Section 4, Supporting Those Involved);
  • In Section 12, Action on Conclusion of a Case, unfounded was added as an additional definition which can be used in cases where there is no evidence or proper basis to support the allegation made.

July 2018

Updated Chapters
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Forced Marriage

This procedure has been reviewed and extensively updated throughout.

Managing Individuals who Pose a Risk of Harm to Children

This guidance has been reviewed and updated following publication of revised national MAPPA guidance.

Local Contacts

Local contact information has been reviewed and updated as required.

New Chapters
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Honour Based Abuse and Violence

This new procedure contains information to help practitioners understand, recognise and respond to Honour Based Violence and Abuse.

Removed Chapters
  • Children and Families Living in Temporary Accommodation

Next update: January 2019


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