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Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Boards’ Procedures Manual


March 2017

Updated Chapters
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Child Protection Conferences

Section 11, Child Does Not Require a Child Protection Plan has been amended in response to early learning from a local Serious Case Review. Specifically the subsection on discontinuing a current child protection plan has been updated to include clear guidance on the circumstances in which a child protection plan can be discontinued at the first review conference. Information on the continuing support which should be provided for children and families whenever a child protection plan is discontinued has also been added.

Local Contacts

Local Contact information was reviewed and updated.

January 2017

Updated Chapters
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Providing Early Help

Information on the Derby City Children’s Services Professional Consultation line has been added into Section 5, Obtaining Advice and Using the Early Help Assessment. The Children’s Services Professional Consultation line is available to practitioners in Derby who require advice, wish to explore ways of engaging children and families in Early Help or want to discuss whether the threshold for a referral to Local Authority MAT or Children’s Social Care has been met.

Child Protection Conferences

Looked After Children and Child Protection has been reviewed and updated as required.

E-Safety and Internet Abuse

This chapter which outlines key points in relation to the abuse of children through digital media, including bullying and so called sexting has been reviewed and extensively updated.

Adults who Disclose Non Recent Abuse

Minor amendments have been made to Section 2, Action to be Taken by Professionals Receiving the Disclosure.

Safeguarding Children Who May be Victims of Modern Slavery (have been Trafficked)

This chapter has been updated to reflect the most recent government guidance on referring suspected trafficking cases to the National Referral Mechanism and on notifying the Home Office of potential victims of Modern Slavery. See Section 4, National Referral Mechanism and Duty to Notify for further information.

Allegations Against Staff, Carers and Volunteers

This chapter has been updated to include a link to the LADO Referral Form which must be completed by employers and sent via email to the relevant LADO as soon as they become aware of an allegation against a member of staff / volunteer in their organisation. See Section 2.1, Initial Considerations for further information.

A note was also added into Section 14, Disciplinary or Suitability Process requiring employers to provide written confirmation to the LADO of when the referral was reported to the Disclosure and Barring Service, Ofsted and any other regulatory body. In addition the LADO should also be informed of the outcomes of any disciplinary hearings and appeals.

Serious Case Reviews

A link to Serious Case Review Quality Markers published by NSPCC / SCIE has been added to this chapter. The Quality Markers have been developed to help support commissioners and reviewers to commission and conduct high quality Serious Case Reviews (SCRs). They provide a consistent and robust approach to SCRs by covering the whole process from setting up to running the review, to looking at outputs and outcomes from the review - see Section 17, Further Information.

Local Contacts

Local contact information has been reviewed and updated as required.

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